Replacing the Propane Tank

About the Photo Sequence
On June 27, 2014, I started a project to replace my propane tank. I rented a 250 gallon tank for $70.00 a year. I don't like renting equipment, I want to own it. Besides, I want a 500 gallon tank so it will last longer and I want it placed in a more visually pleasing location. This documents the construction for and replacement of it.

Photo Details
This photo sequence contains 15 frames. Each frame is a finite 1024 pixels wide but height was left to its own based on the crop. I based the picture size on an email program's display window asuming that the picture would not be automatically resized to fit. This technique kept the file size down, the largest being just less than 400k making it easy to send and receive through email. The file names are also ~numbered so they'll display in numerical order. All photos were taken with a Nikon D80.

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Replacing the Propane Tank

First, I had to prepare the ground for the foundation concrete.
County regs require a 500 (or greater) gallon tank to be 25' from any structure
or property boundary. But a tank that's less than 500 gallons requires 10'.
So I bought a 499 gallon tank!

The frame is placed 10' from the block wall even though the wall is non-combustable.
That's a lot of concrete for a 2 bag mixer!

So I divided it into 3 squares. That made a difference.
I used reinforcement metal from old galvanized chain link fencing.

Lots of work, mixing and pouring concrete! Dividing the area into three worked like a champ!

The next day I poured the middle section. With plastic to protect yesterday's pour.

Came out quite nice!

OK! Here's the old one.
Ovbiously dropped in place with no consideration of how it looks or efficient use of the land.

First, the new one is placed and centered.

Then the old one was dragged to the truck.

The gas line connections were made and pressure tested. It passed!

This was a surprise: He painted it!

Now that looks better.
And as the fireplace heats the house, 499 gallons of propane should last over a year.
Next step is to build a "cage" around it.