Propane Tank Cage

About the Photo Sequence
After placement of the new 499 gallon propane tank, I wanted it to look good. So I built a "cage" around it with a gate. This documents the build.

Photo Details
This photo sequence contains 16 frames. Each frame is a finite 1280 pixels wide but height was left to its own based on the crop. I based the picture size on an email program's display window asuming that the picture would not be automatically resized to fit. This technique kept the file size down, the largest being just less than 490k making it easy to send and receive through email. All photos were taken with a Nikon D810.

Download Photo Project - 6495886 bytes.

Propane Tank Cage

Here's the tank, centered on the concrete slab. It already looks better than the old 250 gallon rental tank.

With some 4x4's and 2x4's, here's the back wall frame:

Three post holes were dug for the back wall...

Lattice panels were installed, then it's time to plant them in the holes.

Concrete the post holes, of course.

Pretty straight, huh? Just wait until the wood dries.

Before planting the other walls, I had to move the pressure regulator. It turned out to be rather simple:
Dig the hole and swing it to the left.
No need to cut the propane line.

Now cover up the hole...

Now that looks better! Another wall is next.

First, build the walls.

Then mount them to the structure.

Now it's framed for a gate.

With the gate built, mounting it was a project in itself.

Got the gate mounted!

Done! Looks pretty good, doesn't it?

Now THAT is a compliment to the house.