Shipping Container

About the Photo Sequence
Sinced moving into this house in Coarsegold, my garage has been filled beyond it's usefulness as a garage for the car. My answer is a shipping container for storage in the yard. I bought a 40' container, modified to a 30' with a roll-up door and painted close to the color of the house. This documents the foundation build and placement.

Photo Details
This photo sequence contains 18 frames. Each frame is a finite 1366 pixels wide but height was left to its own based on the crop. I based the picture size on an email program's display window asuming that the picture would not be automatically resized to fit. This technique kept the file size down, the largest being just less than 665k making it easy to send and receive through email. All photos were taken with a Nikon D810.

Download Photo Project - 8318990 bytes.

Shipping Container

I asked FM to help me level the area for placement of a shipping container.

While leveling the area, I hit the pipe that feeds the RV. Simple fix, but a pain in the ass!

Close. Now to place a frame and fill it with rocks.

The frame will be a rectangle of 2x6's with two 2x4's inside for support.
The corners are secured with metal brackets. Overal dimensions 32' x 10'.
That will leave 1' of exposed rocks all the way around the container.

I decided to place the frame, and build UP the low spots rather than dig down the high spots.

I placed landscape fabric to inhibit weeds...

And got rid of these rocks from other digs.

Then I started placing the rock. 3/4" granite crush.

My truck hauled 1 1/4 tons of rock at a time.

Seems I got some volunteer help spreading and leveling the rocks!

It took over 7 tons of 3/4 crush.

I sent this photo to the container company. This approach means put the container door facing the rear.

He showed up at night! Damn!

During placement, he broke out the end of my foundation box.

It wasn't hard to fix. Some of those rocks are wet from rinsing the dirt off of them.

I used my truck to make the final centering adjustments.


Looks pretty good, huh?