Patio Misting System

About the Photo Sequence
After placement of the swamp cooler at the bedroom window, I found that water source could be put to use in other ways. The misting system was my first idea, and mid-project, the spa refill pipe was a simple addition. This documents the build.

Photo Details
This photo sequence contains 8 frames. Each frame is a finite 1366 pixels wide but height was left to its own based on the crop. I based the picture size on an email program's display window asuming that the picture would not be automatically resized to fit. This technique kept the file size down, the largest being just less than 608k making it easy to send and receive through email. All photos were taken with a Nikon D810.

Download Photo Project - 4190334 bytes.

Patio Misting System

I needed a mist system for my patio.
With the water source in place for the swamp cooler in front of the bedroom window,
it only took a small imagination to rig this one.

The pipe was in place for the swamp cooler. All it needed was a Y to route water pressure to the ceiling edge.
And, of course, more pipes.

One connects to the swamp cooler, one to the misting system.

The mist sprayers and pipes are held in place with the included hooks. Screws would be better than nails.
Notice the quick connector on the right side!

I built this to refill the hot tub.

Swapping out the two, I top off the tub with minimal effort!

The grand kids get a kick out of it!